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Heavenly Dorks

Are you a heavenly dork?

For the sexy dork in you.
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

This is a community for all the dorks on LiveJournal! We accept both male and female dorks, so we encourage everyone to apply! And yes, this is a rating community. If you have a problem with that, then please leave.

And please note: We are not your average rating community- We're more interested with what's in your application than your pictures.
Read TESTIMONIALS here if you're still deciding on whether or not to join. We don't bite. Promise.

Our Lovely & Dorky Maintainers:


meowchica & mirawhisperwind & lady_mei & fighting_dreamr

Mod Contact Info:

meowchica AIM: Meowchica
Yahoo: meowchica2

mirawhisperwind AIM: Mira Whisperwind
Yahoo: mirawhisperwind

lady_mei AIM: Crescent Mei
Yahoo: GuillotineDreams

fighting_dreamr AIM: PadawanCarrieDi
Yahoo: ZebraPiggyBank

What is Heavenly?

Basically, if you or others think that you are cute, then you are most likely heavenly.

If we love your personality, we will most likely love you as well. (No joke! Pictures are required, but we don't really care what you look like.)

What is Dorky?

Here is a very basic overview of our dorky standards...

Definition #1 Here's what we think... A dork is someone who is silly; someone that doesn't give a shit about what other people think of them and are just act like themselves. A dork also has odd interests and is slightly geekish as well. Dorks are into computers, video games, film, sci-fi, or fantasy, as well as numerous other interests, and actually know what they are talking about when discussing these things.

Definition #2 Dork... a few parts silly, a few parts crazy, a dash of wacky. Large portions of nerdness, and some nerd hobby along with the knowledge of the hobby. (According to: rhys_landale)

1. We have an age limit of 16. If you are younger than 16, then come back and apply later. There will be no exceptions. Even if we really, really like you.

LJ-cut your application! <*lj-cut text="Insert Text Here"> at the beginning, and <*/lj-cut> at the end. Take out the stars! (This is included in the application for you because we're just that nice. If you mess it up, prepare to feel like a moron.)

No commenting, posting, or voting on anything other than your application until you have been accepted into the community. We do encourage you to reply to votes in your application! It gives us a chance to get to know you better.

4. Decisions will be made
5 days after you apply. In the chance of a tie, the MODs will talk it over and make a final decision.

5. If you are rejected,
you can re-apply a week after the date you receive your rejection stamp.

In the subject line, put "Newb On The Loose" so that we know you are new, and also so we know that you read the rules.

Pictures are a must! We may not be your average rating community, but we still are a rating community. If you don't agree with our ways, then don't waste your time complaining, just leave (please). No Nudity.

8. Please, please, please
don't put any one-word answers. Detail is key. Put some thought into it; you won't get in with a half-assed application.

9. You should
NEVER say "because I'm a dork" or anything to that extent anywhere in your application. We just don't like that.

10. PLEASE try to
make your application easy to read! You can add colors to it if you like, but please, no blinding neon green or yellow.
We've also bolded everything for you. Do not mess that up, please. Also, WRITE EVERYTHING AFTER the < /B>, otherwise everything will be bolded! And that's a headache to read.

11. Finally, no arguing with already accepted members! Sarcasm is fine and dandy, but rudeness will not get you anywhere. If you're a complete ass, then prepare to be rejected.

12. DO NOT use rich-text editor or your application will be messed up. No one will want to read it and it's also very annoying.

13. After your application has been posted
comment here with a link to it. Just so it doesn't get lost.

The Application:
Copy and paste!

post a comment here with a link to your application.

Feel free to use these Promotional Banners. Promotion of the community is required in your application, and encouraged during membership.

This section is currently under construction. The Promo Banners are all going to be put onto one page. For now these links will remain temporarily active until the Moderators have finished this section.

New Promo Banners

Old Promo Banners

Grease 2 Promo Banners

Mods and Members

What makes a Heavenly Dork MOTM Material? Member of the Month staus is mainly based on how active you are in the community, coupled with how dorky your posts are- Quantity and Quality of participation.

How is MOTM decided? The Moderators will usually keep track of how active each member is during a month. Every time you post of participate ina theme, you will earn points, which vary depending on the difficulty of each theme or activity. On the first of the following month, the most active member (or the member with the most points) will be awarded the Member of the Month banner. In some cases, activity has been very close and the members have been decided by a vote or a poll where all the members of the community can participate in selection of the MOTM.

Please note: The community is currently not participating in MOTM

Past Members of the Month:
December 2004: the_duke
January 2005: snusnubird
February 2005: lingering_dream
March 2005: boogajwooga
April 2005: mmmbopthis (In Loving Memory of Amelia Worth. Rest in Peace, our friend. You will be missed.)
May 2005: missjecka
June 2005: meowchica, fighting_dreamr, boogajwooga (Three way tie)
October 2005: lingering_dream
November 2005: kcdl

Rules for Accepted Members:

Guidelines for Voting on Applications: 1 2

Other rules:

1. Put your vote in the subject line or put it in bold. If it's not in the subject line or if it's not bold, it will NOT be counted.
2. Give reasons for your vote. If you do not give any reason for your yes or no vote, your vote will NOT be counted.
3. Be honest but not cruel. ALWAYS give reasons for your vote. You don't need to be "sugar-coated" but give details without coming off as a complete ass.
4. DDR is NOT a dork game. It used to be, before it became too mainstream. This does not mean that applicants cannot put this in their application.
5. If both Mods vote 'no' on an application that has majority "yes" votes, the applicant is rejected. However, if both Mods vote "yes" on an application with majority "no" votes, that does not mean the applicant is accepted.
6. If you miss voting on 10 applications in a row, you are kicked out of the community and will be forced to re-apply.

1. If you have a problem with one of the members, keep it outside the community! We're not asking you to like them; just don't bring that drama to the community. MODs are not here to baby-sit you.
2. Also, arguing could even possibly result in a ban.

1. Promoting IS allowed.
2. You can promote more than one community in a post.
3. Feel free to give us an idea of what the community you're promoting is like. What's it all about? Why are you promoting it?

1. Promote us in your userinfo. You can use <*lj comm=heavenly_dorks> (take out the star), or you can pick a banner here: 1 2 3

1. You can post about anything and everything. (With the exception: No Nudity. Nothing that is not work safe unless it is a link to some other webpage with a "Not Work Safe" Warning.)
2. If your post contains more than one picture, please place it behind an LJ-cut. This goes for extremely long posts as well.
4. You are allowed one teaser picture. Put the rest behind a cut.
5. If you are posting icons, you are allowed up to 4 teasers. Just because 4 is a good number.
6. If you don't know how to use an LJ-cut... <*lj-cut> at the beginning, <*/lj-cut> at the end. To add text, use <*lj-cut text="Place Text Here"> instead of <*lj-cut>. TAKE OUT THE STARS

1. We don't like to kick people out, but if you don't post/comment/vote at all, MOD's will notice, and we just might kick you out of the community, meaning you would have to apply again.
2. If you miss voting on 10 applications in a row without prior warning to mod's about hiatus and whatnot, this will result in being kicked from the community and being forced to re-apply.
3. If you are going to be inactive because of vacations, school, etc... please make a post or contact one of the MOD's prior to your vacation, etc...

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icons made by other people to "steal.")
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