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Time To Say Goodbye!

When Heather (lady_mei) and I created heavenly_dorks, we had this image in our heads of a fun place where dorks can have a good time and share in the topics that make us all unique yet bring us all together. There was a time where heavenly dorks was exactly what we imagined. we had themes, we had many activities and we had a chat room. We were very active and flourished. That was a long time ago, heavenly_dorks is far from that place now. it hasn't been there for years.

When we created the community, Heather and I said that we would rather close down the community then let others run it. We do not want to take the risk of it being turned into something it wasn't intended to be.

With all that said, we have decided to close it down. 2 weeks from today, all posting access will be taken away. we will leave the community dormant.

We have all had a wonderful time, and we have all made friends in this place. So many good memories. I will Miss it. And I have missed it for the last 3 or 4 years. Its time to say goodbye, heavenly_dorks has run its course.

I want to thank our wonderful assistant mods from the past, who have helped us out in so many ways.. help attempt to keep this place alive!

meowchica - You have been amazing putting up with my laziness for so long! lol If it weren't for you hd would have been closed a very long time ago!

fighting_dreamr - As of late you have also been a string holding us together. you have almost been one of the only active members and your artistic talent has brought much to Hd! I am deeply sorry that I'm making this sudden change since it does have a large effect on your current HD plans.

the_duke - thank you for bringing the scots into our daily life!

missjecka - thank you so much for your computer skills and helping HD through the years!

rhys_landale - Oh kitty, you weren't a mod for long, but we thank you!

If I have forgotten you, I'm sorry. its been so long!
I want to thank all of our current and previous members! You have brought so much life to this community and i have made so many friends! This is definitely hard for me to say goodbye!

HD will officially be closed down on July 10th! So if you have goodbyes do it now!

Stay heavenly and stay dorky!
Ashley and Heather
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Help getting me into the 21st century?

Hi folks,

I was just wondering if any of you could help me out. I decided to shell out some cash to upgrade from an iPod Mini to an iPod Touch 2nd Gen, but I don't completely understand how to use iTunes.

Basically, I've figured out that I need to create a library that'll be synced up to the iPod, which means I ought to preload my audio and video beforehand. The thing is, I'm not sure how to load video onto the iPod, specifically family videos that we have here at home of my grandpa before he died and some YouTube memes. :D

Do I need to convert those first into a different file format before iTunes will accept them for transfer? Could you recommend a free video conversion tool for personal use? I'm not too knowledgable about that sort of thing.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Hit Play with PixelVixen707: Velvet Assassin

My buddy Rachael Webster, a.k.a. PixelVixen707, has just started writing a new gaming column for SuicideGirls called Hit Play. Her first post is on SouthPeak's Velvet Assassin and the real life WWII spy, Violette Szabo, who inspired the game. Violette went from working a department store counter to working special ops, parachuting behind enemy lines to sabotage roads and railways, help bombers find their targets, and rally the French resistance. Now you can live Violette's life vicariously through your Xbox.

Click HERE to read Hit Play with PixelVixen707 and the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G story of Violette Szabo.


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Has anyone ever gotten KOTOR to work on Vista? It wants a video card driver that doesn't exist for my OS- and there isn't a patch i know of to fix it.

help? i really want to play this game.

I have a dragon!

I got a dragon this weekend.  Yay!  He is happily perched atop my bookshelf.  At leat for the next week, until I move.  But I couldn't pass him up.

Right side

Left side
The flash makes his color stand out more than usual, but you still get a good idea to his color. And I swear his expression changes from time to time.